Originating from Brazil’s arid northeast, Forró (pronounced “foh-ho”) is a regional dance and music rooted in African and European traditions. With its soulful mix of accordion, fiddle, guitar, flute and percussion, Forró has become the craze of a nation, sweeping across Brazil's cultural landscape and inspiring a new generation of musicians. Wanting to share this magnetic experience with her Toronto community, Jerusa Leão presents Maria Bonita & The Band. A collaboration of artists stretching from diverse musical backgrounds, Maria Bonita & The Band brings the playful rhythms of Forró Pe de Serra from Brazil straight to your backyard.

Jerusa Leão - Tamborine/Vocal
Kelly Lafaive - Violin/Rabbeca
Kelsey McNulty - Accordion
Amy Medvik - Flute/Pife
RJ Satchithananthan - Bass
Rodrigo Calabria - Zabumba/Alfaia











Forrö do 7 Dia - Maciel Salú [Maria Bonita & The Band - Cover]


Bate coracão - Cecéu [Maria Bonita & The Band - Cover]